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A Message from our Managing Partner

Over the past twenty years I have traveled far and wide in my life as an accountant. From Sydney to London to regional NSW, advising large corporate businesses to small sole traders just starting out. I have been lucky enough to be an advisor to some very successful, and some not so successful, businesses.

In my discussions with clients I am often asked why I have developed the Cyre Partners business rather than work for a large corporate advisory firm or an investment banks. My answer is simple – "been there, done that, but I now choose to use that experience to help small business operators reach their potential and create real wealth for themselves".

I enjoy working with like-minded business owners, investors and professionals who, despite the statistics, back themselves in an attempt to generate a better lifestyle. Not content with just earning a wage, this unique group challenge themselves to build and grow their own businesses, setup an investment portfolio or create something that they can be proud of.

As you may have gathered from this website my focus at Cyre Partners is to ensure you can access to affordable, quality advice that is personalised for your needs. Whether you are an employee needing help with your tax obligations, or have been in business for a long time, or maybe an entrepreneur just starting out, I start all new engagements with the same approach. I start by understanding "why" you are seeking our advice so we can then tailor the "what" and "how" to achieve the right results - everyone is different so the reasons and solutions are likely to be different too.

I note that I don't work with everyone! For me to be successful I need to ensure a true partnership can exists whereby both parties can benefit. This may be dealing with a tax matter, applying for a loan or handling a complex financing matter. Whatever the reason, the fact that you are still reading this indicates that you have already decided in your own mind that you need help or a different view on things. This is the first step in confirming that you are in the right space to meet with me or a member of my team.

I encourage you to take the next step and complete the attached enquiry form so that we can meet and discuss your "why" and work on the rest. 

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